Natural Dyes are made up of pigments from plants around the world. There are so many different plants that can be used to dye fabrics the options are endless. Experimenting with different plants from different times of the year, different regions and different materials (leaves, bark) can all yield various color results.  


Cleaning the Fabric

For different types of fiber different cleaning preparations are made to the fiber to prep for mordanting. Plant based fibers (cotton) are prepped differently than animal based fibers (wool). This step cleans the fibers of any chemical debris or dirt. This is essential in the dying process to make sure the dye comes out evenly. 


Prepping the Fabric

Similar to cleaning the fiber different techniques can be used to prep different types of fabrics. The prepping process is where the fibers are opened up and ready to take in the dyes. This can be done in many different ways. currently i use binding against to help the dye hold to the fiber and prevent from failing or fading. I am working on switching to using only organic absolutely non toxic prepping  techniques.


Dying the Fabric

After scouring and mordanting the fiber is ready for dying. There are several different dyes colors that can be extracted from plants. 

local plants- One can take raw plant material from there local area and making a '"tea" where the pigments are extracted and dye is leftover.

extracted dyes- pre-extracted come pigments from all over the world.

over-dying- the combination of dyes used to create new colors. This is similar to painting where you mix blue and yellow to make green.


Scarf Care:
Naturally dyed scarf do not need any special care compared to chemical dyed items.

wool: hand wash cold gently with natural soft detergents (harsh chemicals, bleach or dyes), hang dry (wool will shrink in heat or with agitation)

cotton: machine wash cold on gentle, hang dry is best

Wine Scarf Care: 
Wine scarves require special care since the wine can change colors with different temperature of water.
Wash on ONLY COLD  and hang dry

Eco Raw is not responsible for mis care of items and damage due to incorrect washing and drying.